Let us share invaluable experiences!!

An Invitation to Experience kendo, Judo and a Beautiful Sunset.

~This is our contribution to make Matsue City a better place for international and cultural tourism from a public safety perspective! ~

In order to assure citizens’ safety and security, we at Matsue Police Station focus on two goals:

  1. To become the safest and securest city in Japan.
  2. To contribute from the to develop our city as an international tourism and cultural city from a public safety perspective.


To realize our second goal,  we are currently making the following efforts:

(1) Graffiti Countermeasures (To clean Matsue’s urban environment)
(2) Improvement in manners when riding bicycles (To foster legal compliance)
(3) Obstruction Countermeasures for Crossing Pedestrians(To secure a safe traffic environment)

In addition, starting this year we will:
(4) Have international tourists experience  kendo and judo. We'd like tourist from overseas and foreign students to know more about

Japanese police and a mutual understanding to develop a relationship of trust.
Police of Japan and having mutual understanding, so that we can develop a relationship of trust.
We would also like to contribute to tourism in Matsue, a designated city of international and cultural tourism!.



13th time: November 22th, 2017(Wed.) 17:00~start

14th time: December 20th, 2017(Wed.) 17:00~start

15th time: January 24th, 2018(Wed.) 17:00~start

16th time: February 28th, 2018(Wed.) 17:00~start




Training hall on the 2nd floor of the Matsue police station.

○Contents of lessons

We have a “Beginner Course" and an “Observation Course".
During the Beginner Course, you can learn about the proper manners for martial arts, as well as.
【Kendo】Suburi(practice strokes) and different strikes
【Judo】Ukemi(break-fall techniques) and Nagewaza(throwing techniques)
You can borrow uniforms and bamboo swords at the police station(limited supply).
※If you'd like to participate in the Beginner Course, you are required to purchase accidental insurance(112 JPY).
If you are a tourist coming from overseas, you cannot purchase Japan’s accident insurance, so please make sure your insurance covers injuries.
If your insurance does not cover injuries then you will not be able to participate.

Please note that in case you got injured through Judo Kendo experience, we will arrange hospital transportation as a temporary measure, but we do not take any responsibility after that.

○Number of people who can participate

◆Beginner Course

Kendo:4 Participants Judo:4 Participants
※Children are not allowed to participate.

◆Observation course

About 10 People

○How to Apply

You can signup from the Application form.
(Application deadline:7 days before the day of the lesson)
Applications will be considered on a first come first serve basis. Once the limit is reached applications will no longer beaccepted.

○After experiencing martial arts together, let’s share a breathtaking view of the sunset through the windows of the Matsue Police Station.


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